I almost scrolled past this

I fucking almost scrolled past this


The toy box was a dangerous addition to the game. We were never meant to have this kind of power.

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damnit grandpa it’s 2021, they’re not spiders anymore, they’re arachnid americans and more importantly my friends

If you’re selling apples and they want pears, it doesn’t make your apple any less an apple; it’s just that they want pears.
—Rachel Ballon on not taking rejection personally. (via fixyourwritinghabits)
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Guess what time is it!

It’s another “funny number” art giveaway time! Next funny numbers are miiiiles away so it might take some time until I have a good enough excuse for next giveaway, so now is your chance!

As before, this is an art giveaway. As such, art for prize!

» The one (1) “grand winner” will be rewarded with a fully colored full body picture.

» The runner ups will receive colored headshots.

* *

How many prizes are there?

This giveaway uses “goal post” system! If I receive less than 100 notes, I will cancel the giveaway.

» If there are over 100 notes, I will give out 1 grand prize and 1 headshot.

» If there are over 250 notes, there will be 1 grand prize and 2 headshots.

» If there are over 350 notes, there will be 1 grand prize and 3 headshots.

» If there are over 500 notes, there will be 1 grand prize and 4 headshots.

» If this post receives, for some weird reason, over 1000 notes, there will be 2 grand prizes and 5 headshots given out.

* *

Examples of full-bodies can be seen here, for example, and all around my art tags. Examples of headshots can be seen on my headshot tags.

While the examples on this post are WoW player characters, I can also draw fully original characters (both human and furry!), other MMO player characters and fan characters and fanart of JJBA series!

I cannot draw worgen characters from WoW (regular werewolves are ok!), fanart, real life people or characters without reference images! Anything* else is ok, though very complex characters might get simplified.

(* In case you ask for something I cannot draw but didn’t think of when writing this, I will give you a chance to change your request!)

To participate, you must…

» Be Following either meoproject [main/original art blog] or meocraft [wow/mmo art blog] — or both! Following both doesn’t give you extra chances, but hey, more art! Also, I do have other blogs, but they do not count for this giveaway — only my two main blogs do!

» Reblog or like this post. Multiple reblogs all count, but PLEASE don’t be excessive and try to pace it out and don’t spam your followers. No giveaway blogs.

» Aaand that’s it.

Other info:

» Giveaway will end on 18th of October, midnight GMT+2 time.This time might get extended should something come up in my end.

» Winners will be drawn with or similar randomizer. I will make a post when the giveaway is over before drawing the winners, and will contact winners via asks.

» I hold the right to modify and clarify these rules if I see fit or if troubles arise.

Thanks for reading!

* * *

- Sir Meo

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brining this back and now im off to sleep

getting closer to the deadline!

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I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.”

this quote reads like an excerpt from an 18th century novel and it’s from fucking spongebob



Man okay when I got my wisdom teeth out it was a fucking experience. Before the surgery wasn’t too interesting but as soon as I woke up I saw the nurse next to me and was all like “hey… i think… i died… and now I’m in a parallel universe… and i gotta go…

Life’s not a battle you were put here to win: we’re all in this together, trying to help each other to muddle through as best we can. So help, if you can. And if you cannot help, then do no harm.
—Neil Gaiman (via wewhowander)
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